Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hi everyone,

No Change....

Still at 262, having lost 20 pounds to date.

Its been a month with no weight loss, since my foot injury I continue to struggle with losing any weight.  I tired this week to exercise, but then really re injured my already hurt foot.  It was terrible, I actually had to get crutches because the pain is so severe.  I'm have been simply sitting around.  It hurts so much to even stand so I was not surprised when I saw no budge in the scale today.

I feel bad because I want to be such a great example of how to do the Slim and Sassy program but the only part of the program that I can consistently do(I do miss sometimes) is the taking the slim and sassy oils.  So I am eating normally, sitting a lot because I cant stand without severe pain, thus not exercising.  I also have not been doing my shakes daily.  Maybe two a week.

I'm slacking I know.....still if I could just get my foot healed I would be raring to go again.   I have begin icing and heating 5 times a day and have seen a little improvement.  I am also using deep blue oils on my foot now so hopefully that will help too.

Anyways, I guess I will see you next week.


  1. Hi! I found your blog today because I've wanted to find out if this program really works. I'm a doTerra consultant (although I just buy them for me and my husband) and have been wanting to lose weight. So thank you for your blog! It is nice to see that it really does work. I've been using the oil and love it in my water. I've been wondering about getting the shakes because some of those shakes out there are nasty! So thanks for the shake review. I think I'll get them. I hope your feet feel better. I would suggest going to a massage therapist and having some work done on them and your calves. (That's what I do for a living, that's why I'm suggesting it). Anyway, good luck and hope you're still doing the program. (You've inspired me to start doing it more seriously).

  2. tiffany, I found your blog and there havent been many updates however from reading what you have I wanted to share my story with you... I have struggled with weight as long as I can remember my sister became a doterra rep and showed me the oils I ended up becoming a consultant and using oils regurarly I decided to try the slim n sassy oils and ive lost over 80lb with only the oil. I am getting married in march so im buying the vitamins shakes and oils this coming month to kick it up a notch. I am really optimistic about losing the rest. As far as your injury goes I have a hard time because of my joints with weight bearing exercise so I swim. I like to do laps but there are water aerobics and water walking and weights or treading water. If youd like to talk about some ideas or jus need encouragement email me and the best of luck to you :)

  3. I'm new to Essdential Oils but am loving them so far. I'm extremely overweight and have tried the slim and sassy oil a few times. It seems to help cut back on cravings and hunger, which is good. I'm trying to decide whether to go all in and sign up for the Slim and Sassy challenge. They're awfully expensive and I'm wondering if adding the shakes is worth it? I also fell and broke my leg on Dec. 4th, so I've only been hobbling on it for about a week and a half - super painful! All that is to say that I probably won't be exercising for awhile yet. I'm just not sure if the shakes will make much difference in this instance? I'd love your input. :)