Saturday, September 3, 2011


I started a new blog to talk about how I use DoTerra oils to as a mom and become the Family Doctor of my family.
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Here is my first post...
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Over the last month I have been The Family Doctor.  It is amazing that I, the mom, can help heal my own children.  I haven't had to go to a doctor or let them suffer, or get prescriptions that have side effects.

I just use Essential oils and my children feel better, don't suffer during their sicknesses, and eventually heal and return to normal healthy children.  Really it is the most amazing thing. 

Ive decided that I am going to start doing Dr. MOM. Posts and share the ways I am the doctor now.  Here is today's Dr.MOM

Sore throat and Cold
While we were camping this month my second child who is seven came to me saying she had a sore throat.  We all know what that means.... A cold or flu is on the way.

We grabbed the "On Guard" Essential oil and put five drops in a cup with water and had her gargle then swallow.   Her throat felt better very quickly.  Then about 4 or 5 hours later when we were in Yellowstone national park, she said "Mom can I gargle some more On Guard?"  I asked if her throat was hurting again.  She said "yes."  So she gargled again and the pain once again went away.  We did this three more times before her sore throat was completely gone.

We also put two drops of "On Guard" on each foot morning and night.

When she came to me with the sore throat I noticed that she had a runny nose and some congestion, so I would have her rub Breathe Essential oils into her chest and have her cup her hands around her mouth and nose and breath in the oils too.  This got rid of her runny nose for several hours, then we would do it again if she or I noticed her nose running again.  The runny nose lasted about two days  until she was completely healthy again.

I am so grateful that I could use something so natural without side affects to heal a child who would have really suffered during our camping vacation.  Instead she got to enjoy herself, be pain free and not have to wipe her nose constantly.  She was also better so much quicker than she has ever been when getting a cold.

Hooray for doTerra Oils.



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