Thursday, March 21, 2013

Im Almost Back

I have been gone well over a year now and am excited that so many people are still coming to the site.n Just to let you know I stopped doing the Slim and Sassy program after I injured my foot, quite severely in the summer of 2011 and have been unable to walk without pain for much of that time.  It has been a miserable experience.  Here is the mini story...after cortisone shots, and physical therapy, my foot was still in great pain and getting worse.  My third podiatrist finally did an MRI and I had ruptured my plantar fascia, the ligament on the bottom of my foot.  I was put in a boot cast and was non weight bearing for 6 weeks.  Even after that I was still in great pain and have been in a boot cast ever since about 15 weeks.  I finally was able to get into a new podiatrist who is going to do surgery soon.  It will hopefully clean out all the scar tissue and inflammation and I will be able to walk without pain again.  As soon as I am cleared to walk in about 10 weeks I am dying to start back on the slim and sassy program.  Thanks for your interest, I will be back. 

Saturday, September 3, 2011


I started a new blog to talk about how I use DoTerra oils to as a mom and become the Family Doctor of my family.
Head over there and read this new blog too.
Here is my first post...
Click here--
Over the last month I have been The Family Doctor.  It is amazing that I, the mom, can help heal my own children.  I haven't had to go to a doctor or let them suffer, or get prescriptions that have side effects.

I just use Essential oils and my children feel better, don't suffer during their sicknesses, and eventually heal and return to normal healthy children.  Really it is the most amazing thing. 

Ive decided that I am going to start doing Dr. MOM. Posts and share the ways I am the doctor now.  Here is today's Dr.MOM

Sore throat and Cold
While we were camping this month my second child who is seven came to me saying she had a sore throat.  We all know what that means.... A cold or flu is on the way.

We grabbed the "On Guard" Essential oil and put five drops in a cup with water and had her gargle then swallow.   Her throat felt better very quickly.  Then about 4 or 5 hours later when we were in Yellowstone national park, she said "Mom can I gargle some more On Guard?"  I asked if her throat was hurting again.  She said "yes."  So she gargled again and the pain once again went away.  We did this three more times before her sore throat was completely gone.

We also put two drops of "On Guard" on each foot morning and night.

When she came to me with the sore throat I noticed that she had a runny nose and some congestion, so I would have her rub Breathe Essential oils into her chest and have her cup her hands around her mouth and nose and breath in the oils too.  This got rid of her runny nose for several hours, then we would do it again if she or I noticed her nose running again.  The runny nose lasted about two days  until she was completely healthy again.

I am so grateful that I could use something so natural without side affects to heal a child who would have really suffered during our camping vacation.  Instead she got to enjoy herself, be pain free and not have to wipe her nose constantly.  She was also better so much quicker than she has ever been when getting a cold.

Hooray for doTerra Oils.


Hi everyone,

No Change....

Still at 262, having lost 20 pounds to date.

Its been a month with no weight loss, since my foot injury I continue to struggle with losing any weight.  I tired this week to exercise, but then really re injured my already hurt foot.  It was terrible, I actually had to get crutches because the pain is so severe.  I'm have been simply sitting around.  It hurts so much to even stand so I was not surprised when I saw no budge in the scale today.

I feel bad because I want to be such a great example of how to do the Slim and Sassy program but the only part of the program that I can consistently do(I do miss sometimes) is the taking the slim and sassy oils.  So I am eating normally, sitting a lot because I cant stand without severe pain, thus not exercising.  I also have not been doing my shakes daily.  Maybe two a week.

I'm slacking I know.....still if I could just get my foot healed I would be raring to go again.   I have begin icing and heating 5 times a day and have seen a little improvement.  I am also using deep blue oils on my foot now so hopefully that will help too.

Anyways, I guess I will see you next week.

Monday, August 22, 2011

No loss again

So the last two weeks I have not lost any weight.

I do know why....

First, I have had several injuries so I have been rather immoblie right now.

Second, I have been eating way too much of the wrong foods. Unhealthy Junk.
Also I have not been doing my shakes lately, which does not help in losing weight.

The great news is that despite all that, I have not gained any weight back.

What now?

Well this week, although I'm injured I am going to try to be more active.

I'm also going to make a bigger effort with eating healthier.

Hopefully I will lose some weight this week and I will do another video next week for you.

Wish me luck


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Weight loss week 9

Hey all, no video this week for my weight loss, because my wieght stayed the same. 

I guess I really need to stop eating so much chocolate, it makes my blood sugar go up and then when it crashes I get cravings and really over eat.  So my goal for the coming week is to stay on the Slim and Sassy and do my shakes but not eat so much chocolate.  I am even going to try and not eat any.  We will see.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Not gonna have a weigh in for two weeks

So Im headed out camping for three days with a group of my best friends and then from there I'm heading out  to go to a family reunion for a week.

I wont be able to do a video or blog, bummer.  I will be back on Saturday August sixth with another video and weigh in.  I am hoping to not only maintain my weight on vacation but to maybe lose some too.  Wish me luck and I will see you July 13st.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Week five weigh-in- slim and sassy

My life has been incredibly busy and I have not had time to do a video blog so I thought I would put a quick note for any of you who are interested.

---I have taken a week off from my exercise routine as I am having feet issues and pain. 

---I had three days where I was at family functions with lots of food and pizza and desserts and I have, needless to say, not been eating healthy at all.

---I have been keeping up with taking my Slim and Sassy Oil, not so good with my Shakes.

This week when I weighed in I didn't lose or gain anything. That was a nice surprise. Of course I would love to have lost something, but I really did not give my body the decrease in calories needed to lose anything.

I keep telling my parents to not forget the slim and Sassy oils even when you are not eating well, especially then, because it helps inhibit you body from making fat, so you hopefully wont gain any weight.  And that is what I have found for me.  (My mother called and she has lost another 4 pounds, lucky lady, two weeks and she has already lost 10 pounds.)

So there you have it, even with pigging out I stayed the same for the week.  I am not giving up, just struggling with making eating healthy, and exercising an intregral part of my life.  

I could use encouragement from you.

stop by for next week weigh in.  

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Slim and Sassy Essential Oil

I want to talk to you about what I have learned about Slim and Sassy.

On this program I take take five drops of this oil blend five times a day.  One bottle lasts me about 10 days.  But I think you may be wondering what is this oil blend really doing in my body.  I thought I would explain in more detail how this simple bottle of oils helps in my weight loss journey.

First I want to show you what oils are in the blend

These oils have many different ways to help our bodies and are beneficial in so many ways, but now I want to focus on what they do for weight loss and how each one is helping me on my weight loss journey.  First...

Lemon- Lemon oil has the ability to dissolve Petro chemicals
The body has to isolate the toxins(petro chemicals) that it can't eliminate.  The way it does this is by surrounding the toxin in a lipid and storing it in the fat cells. The Lemon penetrates into the fat tissue and dissolves and detoxifies the body of those Chemicals. Thus making our fat cells smaller.

Grapefruit and Lemon- Citrus oils also help reduce appetite because of their high amounts of limonene.   Limonene interferes with your cells ability to change.  So basically, it deters your body from producing more fat cells and also inhibits tumors.

Ginger-Ginger stimulates weight loss through lipolysis (the way your body lets go of the fat in your fat cells.)  It also helps your body produce more epinephrine.

Peppermint – Peppermint has been proven to curb appetite and reduce cravings.  They did a study where they compared 2 groups of people and their caloric intake.  One group didn’t change their diet, they just supplemented their meals with peppermint oil while the other group restricted their caloric intake.
They found that on average the group that took peppermint with every meal ate 2800 few calories per week, while those on a restricted diet consumed on average 2200 fewer calories per week.
Peppermint increases the sense of fullness after eating so that we don't have the desire to eat as much.  Peppermint also enhances the flavor and taste of the food we eat.

Cinnamon- Cinnamon helps reduce the obesity factor. Cinnamon is an antioxidant, it helps reduce damage done to the liver, it helps us metabolize sugar more appropriately, it helps balance your cholesterol, and most importantly it stops your body from producing more fat cells.  

Using Slim and Sassy on a daily basis can also improve glucose utilization, reduce oxidation and inflammation, improve digestion, reduce the need for calories by improving the way your body digests food, reduces cholesterol and increases energy.  It can also help with water retention. 

If interested, you can simply head over to my store and buy a bottle of Slim and Sassy click HERE. 

Below is a video where Dr. Hill talks about Essential oils but I like where he talks about Toxicity, which contributes to Weight gain and how essential oils help with eliminating toxins in our bodies.  The Citrus in the Slim and Sassy blend dissolve the Toxic properties and allow our fat cells to release the bulky toxins and lipids that surround them.


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Week four Weigh-in

It has been four week since starting the slim and Sassy Weight management program and I have am happy to say that using the slim and sassy has been a great help.   I still have to eat less and exercise, but I find that I am able to do it, and am motivated to do it, I have energy. Im rarely hungry.  It has really been helpful.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Saturday weigh in-not gonna happen

Im going camping this weekend, hooray!  So my weigh-in will have to wait.  Don't worry too much I will be doing my weigh in on Monday so check back then. 

To be honest, I am worried that I wont eat healthy at all on my camping trip.  Hotdogs roasted over a fire, chips, smores, cobbler.  This weeks weigh in could be bad.  I also wont be drinking my trim shakes while I am camping because I wont have a blender in the wild so that will not help my weight loss.  I just hope that I dont gain any weight back and that all the hiking will counter act the camping food intake.
I guess we will see on Monday.
See you then.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What oils should I get?

Since I have been using DoTerra Oils, My friends have been asking what oil they should get if they wanted to try just one oil.  That is a hard one for me because I love all the ones I currently have so much.  I guess it depends on what you want to treat maybe.  Hmm.

So I am going to give you some links about 4 VERY USEFUL oils


If you go to these links and read about the oil and its uses, you can decide which one to try first, depending on what you are in need of.
Head to MY STORE and pick one or even three or four.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Some information on Ashwagandha

In the video below I mention Cortisol and Ashwaganda, here is more info on each.

Cortisol is a stress hormone produced by the adrenal glands. Overproduction of this hormone can lead to many problems including weight gain, muscle loss, nervous eating and anxiety.Cortisol is released in larger amounts during times of stress, producing the "fight or flight" response. Since it is a survival hormone, cortisol stimulates glucose production and triggers a hunger response in the brain, while signaling cells to store as much fat as possible. Weight gain due to excessive cortisol levels tends to accumulate in the belly.

Ashwagandha is an ancient Indian herb that exhibits protective effects on the central nervous system. NutrGenesis LLC did a study on ashwagandha in 2005 in which the participants reported higher energy levels, lower fatigue, better sleep and increased feelings of well-being. In addition, 26 percent decrease in Cortizol levels accompanied by a decrease in fasting blood sugar levels and an improvement in lipid profiles.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Week One Weigh In Vlog

Hey everyone today you get my very first weigh in Vlog click below to see how the week went. Don't forget to come back tomorrow for my review of the Slim and Sassy Trim shake.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Tommorow is the big day!

I have had a great week on my Slim and Sassy weight loss program and am so excited to weigh in tomorrow.  So be sure to drop by and see my video blog where I reveal how much weight I have lost and give a review of the Slim and Sassy Shakes.

I can't wait, I hope I lost some weight.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Start Day!!!!!

So I got my Slim and Sassy Kit today and am really starting, I'll do my Vlog (video blog) later tonight.
One thing I wanted to tell you is that I am making sure I'm writing down everything I eat.
Actually I'm logging it on the computer, since that is much easier.

I go to a site that is free-   Here - and it helps me keep track of what I eat and it tells me how many calories it is.
Also on the site I am logging my weight and all my measurements too.
So I will be able to keep track of inches as well as my actual weight.
Head on over there and sign up and start recording your progress with me too.

I spent the day eating healthy, and drinking my Slim and Sassy water with five drops in it 5 times a day.  I did a work out on my Kinect X Box, the Active 2 game, it has a trainer who plans a workout for you then encourages you as they teach and you work out.  I did that for 45 minutes this morning, so I feel very successful so far.


Getting the Product- Video Blog


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Waiting for my Order

I ordered my oils and supplements and hopefully they will be here soon, but for now I wanted to post a little bit about my current oil using experience.

My sister-in-laws have been using them for a long time and sent me some samples recently with lots of information about the benefits of essential oils and so I started to try them.

First, I liked the idea of frankincense because it was in the bible as a gift for Jesus, LOL, and as it has lots of antioxidants and helps the skin, so I started putting that on my favorite wrinkles. I let you know if anything happens with my skin as I keep using it. But one thing I have noticed is that I have stopped having pain in my knees, wrists and shoulder. All the oils have anti-inflammatory properties and having them in my body has stopped the inflammation pain in places where I have chronic pain.

The first thing I used on my kids was the On guard oil on my 4 yr old, who had a runny nose that she generally has for weeks on end when she gets a minor cold. She was also coughing like crazy and so I also used the Breathe oil mix. It was gone within 10 min. I was surprised to say the least. The next morning she said her nose was stuffy again so I used both again, and within 10 min no more runny nose. I don’t know if they are supposed to be that fast and effective but It worked. Oh and her cold was gone in only three days...

Then my two 7 yr old daughters complained of earaches several days ago, I used On guard oil and with in a minute they said the pain was gone.
Then for my kinked neck I used their Deep blue, which took the pain away, like taking a ibuprofen but faster and natural. I did that for 3 nights and it has yet to come back.  I'm thinking it will since it always does, but I can just use Deep blue again.

In fact, my husband had a sinus infection and had me put on Breath and On guard on his feet at night and he was relived of symptoms after the application and then it was gone after 3 days of doing this.  Who knew he would get on board?

So I was convinced and decided that I wanted to buy some oils that I would really use like the On guard, the Breathe, Deep blue and Frankincense.  I went ahead and ordered the family Physicians kit then I have all of those and much more.  I think that every mom should have this kit in her medicine cabinet.

In the short week and a half I have had my the sample oils I have been keeping them on my dresser because I use them so often.  Well, I have run out of all the oils now, but am waiting for my order, I can't believe how much I want them to get here.

Finally,  I got a look at their weight loss program, the Slim and Sassy and decided that I wanted to try it.  So I am waiting for those to come in the mail too. The reason I am doing the Slim and Sassy  is because these oils are supposed too really help curb appetite and give energy and increase metabolism. I’ve done so many diets and pills I am skeptical truthfully, but I’ve never tried oils and many people are having great success. So... I will let you know when it works for me as I use it and keep you informed on my loss.

Also if you just want to take a look then here is a link to my store. 


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Beginning


My name is Tiffany
I just started using doTerra essential oils and found that they were really helpful so I decided to start a blog about my experiences and to show you and myself the benefits of The doTerra Essential Oils.

I need to lose over 100 pounds.

So...I'm starting the Slim and Sassy wieght loss program as soon as my oils and powders arrive so I thought I better get everything set up.

I am planning to make video blogs throughout my entire Journey of using these oils from Beginning to end and see where it takes me.

Thanks for visiting.

If you are interested in getting oils, or want to talk to me about them and order through me, please visit my store by clicking the link below or email me with contact info and I will contact you.
Tiffany's Store

Check out my whole journey

What and why doTerra